Portable Wheelchair Ramps

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Titan Ramps has free shipping and low prices sitewide on all portable briefcase wheelchair & handicap access ramps. All of our briefcase ramps are made of commercial-grade steel and have specific weight limits. Our briefcase ramps are small, foldable, lightweight and fold up into a briefcase size. These briefcase ramps a great for any home our business looking to make it easier to load and unload passenger or goods. Save big on all folding briefcase ramps.

Make your home or business safer with a portable briefcase ramp. Our briefcase ramps meet all requirements and are made from commercial and industrial-grade aluminum and can withstand the elements. Once your done using your briefcase ramp simply fold up your ramp and easily store the ramp in a closet or out of the way. Our briefcase ramps meet ADA requirements and are slip-proof for worker safety.

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