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Aluminum Folding Wheelchair Scooter Portable Mobility Ramp
Item No. MF_Ramps
Aluminum Folding Wheelchair Scooter Portable Mobility Ramp Ramps MF_Ramps mframps
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Are you looking to install a top-notch metal handicap ramp in your home or small business? Titan Ramps is happy to offer the Titan Wheelchair Folding Mobility Ramp as the perfect choice for a semi-permanent access ramp! The ramp is carefully designed using corrosion-resistant aluminum so that you can have years of maintenance-free use. Not only is this ramp a great solution, but it is also an excellent investment. Now the threshold to the front or back porch of your home or office can be easily accessed by elderly people or those who are handicapped. No longer do you need to deal with heavy lifting or watching your loved ones struggle up the stairs. As part of this ramp’s superior construction, we include a wide design and slip-resistant surface, which means this accessibility ramp is ideal for electric wheelchairs and scooters. This ramp gives you much-needed peace of mind because it allows you to know that you or your loved one will not have to struggle up the stairs. Give your guests a safe and secure guide as you utilize your Titan Entry Ramp in your home or workplace. Because of the single-piece design, the ramp is both incredibly durable and super easy to install. With just a few steps, you can have the ramp installed and ready to go! Feel extra confident with the flexible, portable design and angled transition plate. Titan is based in the United States, and we are always willing to answer questions if you have them. At Titan, we pride ourselves not only on our equipment but also on our excellent communication capabilities. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products that they will love. Order your Titan ramp today!

GREAT FOR WHEELCHAIRS & SCOOTERS: If you’re looking for an outdoor, semi-permanent metal access ramp for your home, garage, or commercial business, then the Titan Wheelchair Folding Ramp is the perfect solution for you. The ramp width of 29-in. The ramp has a weight capacity of 600 lbs, making it both sturdy and safe!

DURABLE & SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Our lightweight entry ramps are carefully designed using corrosion-resistant aluminum, so you can enjoy years of use. Plus, because of the flexible design, this ramp is both portable and durable. The wide design and slip-resistant surface make this ramp ideal for motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

MULTI-FOLD RAMP: This loading ramp is designed to be strong, portable, and incredibly convenient. We’ve designed it with a folding construction, which increases the overall durability of the ramp. With minimal assembly required, you can have a reliable handicap ramp installed and ready to go in minutes!

ANGLED LIP: This ramp kit has an angled lip for additional security when installing the ramp. The lip measures 2 1/2-in and has holes to secure the ramp in place, ensuring that it doesn’t slip or slide while it’s in use. Each folding ramp is also equipped with a nylon carrying handle for easy, comfortable portability. 

DIMENSIONS: This ramp has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. It’s the perfect length for installing on porches, curbs, landings, and steps and can even be used to load minivans or pickup trucks. The ramp’s foldable design and compact size make this ramp easy to store and transport. Available in lengths of 5-ft, 6-ft, 7-ft, 8-ft, and 10-ft.

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- Capacity: 600 lb.
- Slip resistant grip surface
- 2.5-in angled lip with holes to secure ramps in place
- Soft nylon handle for easy carrying
- Recommended for use with a scooter or wheelchair and not intended for walking

- Weight: 34 lb.
- Size: 60-in L x 29-in W
- Folds: 33-in x 14.5-in x 8-in
- Material: Aluminum

- Weight: 40 lb.
- Size: 72-in L x 29-in W
- Folds: 40-in x 14.5-in x 8-in
- Material: Aluminum

- Weight: 46 lb.
- Size: 84-in L x 29-in W
- Folds: 46-in x 14.5-in x 8-in
- Material: Aluminum

- Weight: 53 lb.
- Size: 96-in L x 29-in W
- Folds: 52-in x 14.5-in x 8-in
- Material: Aluminum

- Weight: 64 lb.
- Size: 120-in L x 29-in W
- Folds: 66-in x 14.5-in x 8-in
- Material: Aluminum

2-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 4-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 6-in
3-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 6-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 9-in
4-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 8-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 12-in
5-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 10-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 15-in
6-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 12-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 18-in
7-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 14-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 21-in
8-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 16-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 24-in
9-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 18-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 27-in
10-ft ramp: Occupied loading: 20-in maximum, unoccupied loading height: 30-in
*Occupied is a person sitting in the wheelchair/scooter while loading (2:12 slope or 9.6 degree angle)
**Unoccupied is loading with nobody sitting in the wheelchair/scooter (3:12 slope or 14.5 degree angle)

Maximum Weight Capacity is 600-pounds. (Weight rating is based on evenly distributed load on 2 axles)


Use the chart below to help select the best ramp for your application.

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